Injury prevention and adult sport

Coach/Teacher, General, Health Professional, Participant/Parent

November 17, 2023

The field hockey player walked onto the field. First, they jogged from one sideline to the other, then they did some high knees, butt kicks, and ended the series with some sprints. The player followed with some strength and core exercises, mostly involving the legs and lower body, before grabbing their stick and getting into position for the start of the game.

Field hockey is one of many sports that adults can play in a recreational league, though there is still the chance of getting injured. In a recent study, researchers from the United Kingdom explored whether injury prevention programs could help adult recreational athletes reduce their risk of injury. After reviewing the data from relevant articles, the researchers found that injury prevention programs seemed to reduce injury risk, despite the results not turning out as statistically significant. In other words, there remains the potential that injury prevention programs performed before a game might help you and your team reduce the risk of injury.


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