New videos discuss aspects of sport and recreation

Coach/Teacher, Health Professional, Official/Administrator, Participant/Parent

February 12, 2019

We have produced a series of four short, informative videos discussing important topics related to sport and recreation. These videos are new resources for athletes/participants, parents, coaches, teachers, club administrators, and health care professionals. Watch the videos below!*

Physical Literacy

Training Load

Neuromuscular Training Exercises

Sleep, Vigilance, & Sport Injury Prevention

* We would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their expertise in the development of these videos:

  • Physical Literacy: Drew Mitchell
  • Training Load: Kerry MacDonald; Scott Fraser 
  • Neuromuscular Training: Kerry MacDonald; Kati Pasanen; Carolyn Emery; Carla van den Berg; Scott Fraser
  • Sleep, Vigilance & Sport Injury Prevention: Osman Ipsiroglu; Gerhard Klösch; Emilie Beaulieu