December 11, 2023

The squash player ran towards the ball. With the racquet out in front, the player rolled their wrist and watched the ball hit the wall. The second squash player ran towards the wall and hit the ball back. The rally lasted until one player could not hit the ball in time, and both players exited the court to grab their water bottles and wipe their faces with towels. Then it was back to the court for another match.

Squash is one sport where players put on a sweat and can forget about the deadlines of the day, which are common stressors. In a recent study, researchers from China and the United States investigated the link between life stressors and sports injury. The researchers reported a significant link between life stressors and sports injury, indicating that one could lead to the other. While it is not fully clear whether this means getting injured can lead to greater stress, or greater stress can lead to injury, managing stress could help prevent injury while rallying with friends.

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